Believe in Revere - Our Vision for the Future

Patrick Keefe understands the needs of Revere, and he is committed to ensuring our city thrives for every resident.

1. Education and Youth Engagement

Our Promise: Prioritize quality education and invest in after-school programs and youth sports.

Patrick’s longstanding involvement with Revere’s youth sports leagues showcases his dedication

to the personal and physical development of our younger generations.

Expand and improve school facilities – Build a new Revere High School.

Introduce innovative educational programs to equip students for the future.

Boost investment in youth sports and extracurricular activities to develop well-rounded citizens.

2. Community Engagement

Our Promise: Bring City Hall closer to its people. By hosting regular community meetings across

all wards, every resident will have their voice heard and play an active role in shaping Revere’s

future. Host bi-annual community meetings in all 6 wards.

Ensure proactive communication from the Mayor’s office to keep residents informed.

Encourage residents to be part of local boards and decision-making processes.

3. Balanced Economic Growth

Our Promise: Foster economic growth that benefits every Revere resident while maintaining

our city’s unique character. Patrick’s extensive experience in the hospitality industry and his

understanding of regulated sectors places him in a unique position to guide our growth

responsibly. Ensure developments reduce the tax burden on owner-occupied homes.

Streamline city services with technological enhancements, alleviating backlogs especially in

areas like permitting. Address traffic and parking issues, aiming for a

balance between development and quality of life.

4. Affordable Housing

Our Promise: Every resident deserves a home. We’ll work closely with partners to ensure

affordable housing options are available and promote pathways to homeownership.

Strengthen collaboration with the affordable housing trust and other partners.

Incentivize developments offering Revere-preference affordable housing.

Promote initiatives that provide greater pathways to affordable homeownership.

5. Beautification and Revitalization of Revere Beach

Our Promise: Elevate Revere Beach, our crown jewel. Patrick recognizes the potential of our

waterfront and aims to harness it for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.

Partner with state authorities like the DCR to invest more into the greenspace, making it an

inviting space for relaxation and community events.

Enhance recreational opportunities along the beachfront, drawing in both locals and travelers.

Focus on sustainable development along the waterfront, ensuring any new ventures enhance

the beach’s natural beauty and respect its historic significance.

6. Enhancing City Infrastructure

Our Promise: For a city to function at its best, its infrastructure must be top-notch. Patrick’s

work as a councilor, ensuring roadwork and pothole repair and increasing police patrols,

showcases his dedication to this.

Improve road networks and address the most pressing infrastructure needs of the city.

Develop a comprehensive citywide parking program to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance

accessibility. Collaborate with state and federal agencies to source funding for major infrastructure projects.

7. Supporting Small Businesses and Local Employment

Our Promise: As someone who’s climbed the ladder in Boston’s hospitality sector, Patrick

understands the challenges and needs of businesses. He aims to create an environment where

local businesses thrive. Offer incentives for local entrepreneurs and provide them with resources to kickstart their

ventures. Strengthen partnerships with organizations to offer training programs, increasing employment

opportunities for residents. Develop a streamlined process for businesses to acquire licenses and permits, fostering a pro-

business environment.

8. Welcoming and Supporting New Residents and Families

Our Promise: Revere is home to many, and our diversity is our strength. Patrick believes in

creating a welcoming environment for all residents, regardless of their origin.

Enhance community programs aimed at helping immigrant families settle and integrate into

Revere’s community. Ensure city services are accessible to all, with multilingual support where needed.

Collaborate with local organizations to provide resources and support for immigrant-owned businesses.

A Message from Patrick Keefe:

I’ve spent years serving the people of Revere, from our youth sports leagues to the City

Council, and I’ve seen the incredible potential our city holds. I believe in Revere, in our strength

as a community, and in our shared vision for a brighter future. As your Mayor, I promise to

bring the same dedication, hard work, and commitment to progress that I’ve shown throughout

my life. Together, we’ll make Revere an even better place to live, work, and thrive.

Join us in building a brighter future for Revere. Believe in progress. #BelieveInRevere.

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